The author was born in 1982 in Russia into the family of a car mechanic and a housewife. Graduated from college with a degree in accountant auditor. Then he entered the MGTA academy as a bank and credit specialist (economist). Then, about ten years later, he entered the RSUH University, specializing in crisis management. He attended the international economic courses «startMBA». He also attended journalism courses at the Higher School of Economics.

While studying in college, he opened his own business — full cycle printing. Then he sold this business to create a digital security IT company that created software for internal accounting of documents of banks and credit organizations. A few years later, Roman Rotenberg re-creates the printing industry and invests in a passenger transport company in the city of Novorossiysk (Russia). All this time he has been engaged in journalism.

Upon learning that he had relatives with Israeli citizenship in the family, he tried to obtain Israeli citizenship.
At the moment, he is engaged in the creation and publication of new books. He writes extensively for the media as a freelance special correspondent.

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A brief chronology and a few facts about the author through the eyes of a colleague

Twenty-one years in a row of bodybuilding. From the age of 14, he practiced karate-do until the age of 17. Then he switched to bench press, passed the standard first for the 3rd junior category, and then for the first category. By the age of 19 he was completely absorbed by the idea of having a beautiful body and started bodybuilding. At the age of 29 he became the official face of a chain of sports nutrition stores in the regions of Russia. At the age of 36 he reached the peak of physical fitness.

Athletic conditioning in the off-season. One of the last preparations for regionals in 2018 before retiring from the sport.

A motorcycle injury a year later put a stop to competitive bodybuilding and later had to retire from the sport. Read about it in the next chapter.

An important stage in the development of personality was associated with private aviation

He studied at several flight schools to become a private pilot. At that time several flight schools were stripped of their licenses. He did not get his pilot’s license because he failed to pass the medical examination and had to retire from bodybuilding.

«How my views have changed during my time living in Russia and why I decided to try to change my citizenship to Israeli citizenship»

Direct speech from the author: «Why did I choose Israeli citizenship after a long analysis of the political situation? Israeli citizenship is a dream for many people around the world, and it’s no wonder. Let’s take a look at five reasons why becoming an Israeli citizen can be such an attractive option for those seeking a better life and new opportunities.
1- Economic growth: Israel is one of the most dynamic economies in the world. The country is known for its innovation in areas such as high-tech, biotechnology and startups. Obtaining Israeli citizenship opens up unique opportunities to work in such companies and get a high-paying job.

Tel Aviv, Israel / 2020

2- Education: Israel offers high quality education at all levels from primary to higher education. Excellent universities and research centers offer a wide range of specializations and study programs that provide up-to-date knowledge and skills.

  1. Medicine: Taking care of the health of its citizens is one of Israel’s priorities. The country’s health care system is one of the best in the world, offering affordable and quality medical care. Acquiring Israeli citizenship gives you the opportunity to access this system and take care of your health.
Tel Aviv, Israel / 2020

4. Cultural diversity: Israel is a country where different cultures, traditions and religions converge. Living here, you will be surrounded by an inimitable atmosphere of tolerance and diversity. You can immerse yourself in the country’s rich history and culture, attend multicultural festivals and enjoy unique culinary traditions.

  1. Security: Amidst the instability in the Middle East region, Israel is an oasis of stability and security. The country enjoys a high level of security due to its effective law enforcement and armed forces. Obtaining Israeli citizenship offers the opportunity to live in peace and security, which is one of the biggest advantages of this country.
    In conclusion, obtaining Israeli citizenship offers many attractive opportunities in various fields, from economy and education to culture and security. If you seek a better life, new opportunities and stability, Israeli citizenship may be your key to success.»

Responsible for government relations.

He has worked in the media since 2007. The tasks included interaction with press centers of state power structures. Preparation of press releases based on the provided data.

At the opening of the new sports ground with Sergey Badyuk, at that time a TV presenter on several channels.

Cars and motorcycles are the love of a lifetime

Loves traveling on motorcycles through the Caucasus mountains. Rode for three days on an autonomous expedition on an enduro motorcycle.

Was at an altitude of 548 meters above sea level, both on a motorcycle and off-road vehicle repeating partially his route.

Built a Nissan Skyline for illegal drag racing in 2018.

Good old friend, the Yamaha Dragstar 650. Back in my youth I watched the movie «Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Cowboy» made in 1991. From that moment I dreamed of becoming the owner of a real cruiser motorcycle.

The plot of the movie goes something like this:
A lonely rocker, who called himself the brand of his favorite motorcycle, stops by the bar, where he meets an old friend nicknamed Marlboro Man. Here the friends learn that the owner of their favorite drinking establishment is forced to sell it, and decide to get some money to save the bar from ruin.


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