The author was born in 1982 in Russia into the family of a car mechanic and a housewife. Graduated from college with a degree in accountant auditor. Then he entered the MGTA academy as a bank and credit specialist (economist). Then, about ten years later, he entered the RSUH University, specializing in crisis management. He attended the international economic courses «startMBA». He also attended journalism courses at the Higher School of Economics.

While studying in college, he opened his own business — full cycle printing. Then he sold this business to create a digital security IT company that created software for internal accounting of documents of banks and credit organizations. A few years later, Roman Rotenberg re-creates the printing industry and invests in a passenger transport company in the city of Novorossiysk (Russia). All this time he has been engaged in journalism.

Upon learning that he had relatives with Israeli citizenship in the family, he tried to obtain Israeli citizenship.
At the moment, he is engaged in the creation and publication of new books. He writes extensively for the media as a freelance special correspondent.

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