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About the book: This is a story about a freelance war correspondent. This type of correspondent is called stringer. The task of such an editorial staff member is to get to the hottest spots on the planet. At the same time, the editorial office usually does not pay for the life and health insurance of such a journalist and is not responsible for the correspondent. Stringer sells his videos to various media outlets around the world or pre-contracts with major news media groups.

The story of several friends who decided to go on a journey as freelance war correspondents after concluding an agreement with a small media group from Central Asia. As a result of their trip, the friends filmed one of the most dangerous documentaries of the war in Western Asia.

The movie was sold in parts by two media outlets from the US and Europe on the basis of complete anonymity. Stringers have come a long and dangerous path through betrayal, fear, hatred. Then they found true friends among the peacekeepers and residents on the side of the legal government, who helped them survive in the war zone. Freelance journalists have come a long way from Damascus through Homs to Aleppo.

They visited the local car market for stolen cars. Friends jointly bought an SUV there for their journalistic investigation. Correspondents hired local private security and traveled to the city of Raqqa along the Euphrates River. The distance that the friends had to travel in only one direction is about 600 kilometers. The total length of the route was over 1,300 kilometers and the journey took 21 days.

On the way back one of the freelance war correspondents was wounded by a very small shrapnel in the leg. Not giving the importance to the injury, the journalist did not seek qualified medical help on time and already when he was returning to the plane home in intensive care upon arrival at the airport in Turkey. Adventures in Syria brought friends closer for many years after they returned to their homeland. Too many important moments were off-camera. A few years later, one of the journalists decides to write a story about their adventures in order to tell about those difficult cases that they had to go through together.

Author: Rotenberg, Roman

Language: English

Classification: imaginative literature

Pages: 420

Prepared for printing: BRATISLAVSKÉ TLACIARNE, A.S. , Pristavná 1,814 99 Bratislava 1, Slovakia

Manuscript: Israel, Tel Aviv, pre-press 2020 / Russian Federation, Moscow, creation 2017-2019, cover concept 2020

Disclaimer: All events in the book are fiction of the author, the characters are invented and any coincidences with real people are accidental. All dates and times in the book are random. Information about cities and objects in the country is taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica. The author asks to read this book as imaginative literature.

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